Sunlx Company Limited, was founded in 2019, with registered address in Hongkong, the company focuses on solar energy industry and renewable energy application solutions, is committed to providing new materials and new technologies for the solar energy industry, and provides customers with high-quality, high-reliability photovoltaic products battery energy storage products and specialized supply chain management services. Actively promote photovoltaic power generation to life, make more consumers can use high-quality clean energy.

Our Leadership Team

A well-organized team is an elite team, full of innovation, enjoyment and happiness

Daniel He

Chief Executive & Founder

Richard Lin

Sales Director

Elo Li

SCM Director

Our Product

Sunlx mainly focus on solar and battery storage solution, include polysilicon, solar wafer, solar cell, solar module, as well as portable, household and commercial batteries. 

Battery Storage Solution
Solar Wafer
Solar Cell
Solar Polysilicon
Solar Module
Solar System

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